Inclusive Art Foundation

We are a multitudinous group of artists from different countries, sharing the desire to improve our society by generating greater inclusive awareness, through art as a vehicle of transformation.

Fundación de Arte Inclusivo

Somos un multitudinario grupo de artistas de distintos países, compartiendo el deseo de mejorar nuestra sociedad, generando una mayor consciencia inclusiva a través del arte como vehículo de transformación.

Concluded works

Synesthesia is the perception of the same sensation through different senses simultaneously.

Proyectos en curso

¿Why joining?

We need your support, in order to continue generating inclusive awareness through art. Your contribution enables us to support publications, administrative expenses and allows us to provide with financial support for the artists participating in our projects, and to finance the awards ceremony for  inclusion.

The difference is the aesthetic The essential is the being

The ONG Fundai, a non Gubernmental Organization, considers all people equally and focuses on solving the problem of exclusion in society. The motto of the Foundation is the following: “the difference is aesthetic, the essential is the being”

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